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Success Stories: Testimonials

"I came to Crystal not completely sure what I was looking for, propelled mainly by feelings of overwhelm and like I was lacking an unknown X factor in several areas of my life. I found myself going through the same motions over and over, week to week, and I knew that I needed a positive jolt to get out of that rut. Meeting with Crystal was that perfect opportunity to reevaluate my priorities and jumpstart some change. I was able to break down some of the mental barriers that I somewhat arbitrarily placed upon myself—even some I wasn’t aware of. Crystal has been my weekly voice of reason and accountability. With her guidance and tools, I’ve been able to put a damper on the self-sabotage and perfectionist tendencies, to set realistic and meaningful expectations for myself, and to shift my perspective, and be kind to myself. She is incredibly empathetic, encouraging, and thoughtful. Coming out of our time together I find myself more energized for friendships, feel like I have a more even-keeled routine, and am excited to be making intentional time for creativity."


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